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Ethically Driven.
Locally Powered.

Goodbye Sweatshops

All across the world, artisans toil in sweatshops, unable to make living wages and provide for their families. Artisan-Based Social Enterprises produce unique, beautiful luxury products you can't find anywhere else, and pay them well. But they can't reach you - the people who can make their lives better.

Hello Handmade

Introducing Growmada: the world's first integrated crowdfunding and marketplace platform. Growmada introduces social enterprises to people who want to help artisans thrive — people like you. Together, we can make a difference, one connection at a time!

Growmada Social Enterprises

The Right Choice for Everyone

We partner with artisan-based social enterprises in emerging markets across the world, which craft beautiful, high-quality, handmade luxury products.

Luxury Focused

Luxury Focused

Producing Artisanal Luxury Products



Existing Enterprises with Regional Success

Modern + Cultural

Modern + Cultural

Modern Designs with a Cultural Heritage

Ethical Business

Ethical Business

Socially Conscious Business Practices

Lcoally Powered

Locally Powered

Creating Individually Handcrafted Products

Improving Lives

Improving Lives

Paying Wages that Improve Livelihoods

Our Favorite Artisan-Based Social Enterprises

The Growmada team has been inspired by a number of ABSEs from around the world that have championed ethical fashion while crafting luxurious products. We hope to curate such brands on our platform for you!

Growmada Platform Store

Handcrafted Artisinal Couture

The Next Generation of Sustainable Shopping

Elegant. Luxurious. Socially-conscious. The Growmada marketplace is the premier destination for handmade luxury products sourced from ethical artisan-based social enterprises. We provide a new class of products, where 'ethically-sourced' and 'designer quality' are one and the same!

Cooperation over Corporations

Make a Difference Through Ethical Investing

Do you fancy a certain brand or artisan? Growmada lets you invest in social enterprises whose mission speaks to you. When you invest in improving artisans’ lives with Growmada, you become a Growvestor - the most direct way to make a difference!

Revenue Based Crowdfunding

The Next Wave in Global Support

Growmada Investments are a revolutionary new way to invest with Revenue-Based Crowdfunding. Here's how it works:

Artisans Begin Fundraising Campaign

A social enterprise puts up a campaign to crowdfund new product development, provide livable wages for their artisans, or support business expansion.

Growvestors Choose a Campaign to Invest In

In exchange, the social enterprise agrees to share its revenues with the Growvestors for a set period of time.

Artisans Collect Funds

The social enterprise raises capital in a fast, frictionless way, and uses the collected funds to execute on its advertised campaigns.

Artisans Deliver Products

The social enterprise creates tangible returns in the form of handcrafted, artisanal luxury products for sale on the Growmada marketplace.

Growvestor Recieves Growtuity Based Investment

Growvestors receive their share of the social enterprise's revenue in the form of Growtuity credits.

Growtuity is Used to Purchase Products

Growvestors use Growtuity credits to purchase any of the unique artisanal products featured across the entire Growmada marketplace!

Growmada Social Enterprise Top

Do Well Through Doing Good

Through Growmada, Artisan-Based Social Enterprises are able to raise capital, grow, extend their social mission, and improve the lives of artisans. Support your favorite brands and artisans and share in their success!

Join the Growmada Community

Become part of the global village of socially conscious consumers.

Lead the Revolution

Take part in the world's first revenue-based crowdfunding campaign and bring Growmada to life!